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Armanni Reign grew up rapping everywhere from elementary lunch room tables to high school hallways to college house parties as a hobby before realizing the worth of his gift. At a time where you would prove your worth by progressing from cyphas to battles, he started in small competitions and eventually worked his way on to radio spots. After spending three continuous months as Philly 103.9FM’s ‘Cypha’ champion, the rapper formally known as CapOne decided he needed a change.

His introduction to drum and bass was an experience shared by many first timers- Sutpens’ Jungle, February 2000. His first mixtape was “DJ SS live at Sutpen’s Jungle” on which the vocal skills of the great MC Skibadee and legend MC Foxy gave Armanni insight to the lyrical potential of Drum and Bass. Citing MC Skibadee as one of his main influences at the time, Armanni developed a distinctly powerful and diverse style of lyrical delivery. It garnered respect amongst his peers as well as many of the top Drum and Bass MCs and DJs in the World. Staying true to his hip hop roots, Armanni delivers bounce, flavor and lyrical wizardry.

He since has been seen hosting stages around the world from large festivals to small rooms as the veteran MC for some of top DJs in their craft in a wide spectrum of genres. You might have seen Armanni Reign rocking alongside heavy hitters like Bro Safari, Goldie, Andy C, DJ Craze, Mason, STS9, DJ Snake, LTJ Bukem, and The Upbeats… just to name a few. More than just a hype man, his ability to read the crowd and mix a tasteful balance of toasting with rapping comes naturally.

As a recording artist, Armanni Reign has become a multi-genre veteran collaborating on tracks like Ray Volpe’s “Purpose”, Spag Heddy’s “Strayed UP”,  Barely Alive’s “Hackers”, Riot’s “LSAR”, Zomboy’s “Outbreak”, Virtual Riot’s “Running from the Cops” to Hybrid Trap like Stereolize’s “Paper Chaser”, A Boy and a Girl’s “Stampede”, Mark Instinct’s “The Show”, “Suicide Pill”, and “Pour It Out”. From STS9’s “Balancing” to 12th Planet and The Trickaz’s floor killer “Bless That” or smoother vibes like AC Slater x TS7’s “Step Back”, Kastle’s “Timeless” to Mayhem and Logam’s DnB roller “We Will”, he has proven versatility is an asset.  With DnB releases currently on RAM, ProgRAM, Gasm, Freak, Intasound, Westbay Music Group, TekDbz accompanied by Dubstep/EDM Trap releases on Monstercat, Disciple, Circus, Play Me, Never Say Die, Rotton, Uplink Audio, Buygore and Firepower as well as Hip Hop projects on SKRONG and Division.  Combining such creative versatility with is affinity for movies and video games has translated over to the sync world. His music can be heard on AAA television and internet advertising campaigns such as “Fast and Furious 9”,  Square Enix’s “Just Cause 4”, Gearbox’s “Borderlands 3”, Ubisoft’s “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” and more as a solo artist as well as a collaborative act known as Artizan with a music catalog that stretches across everything from Netflix to MTV.

Whether it’s as a solo creative from freestyles, rap battles, singles, etc… to being the voice in collaborative outfits such as Society of Numbers with The Upbeats and soon to be released project with Nick Weiller (Bro Safari) known as Last Rhetoric, the MC Armanni Reign’s 20+ years of dedication to the craft is on constant display.